Ananya Pandey : Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family and Movies

Ananya Pandey’s infectious charisma and exceptional acting abilities have swept the Indian film industry by storm. With a Bollywood pedigree she has made her own career and won praise for her diverse performances. In this blog post we will go into Ananya Pandey’s life, age, height, family, relationships and important films. Join us as we uncover the story of this rising actress creating a name for herself in the world of film.

Ananya Pandey : Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family and Movies


Ananya Pandey was born in Mumbai on 30 Oct 98. She comes from a film industry family. Her father Chunky Pandey is a well known actor and her mother Bhavna Pandey is a housewife. Ananya studied in Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai after she  continuing her education in the United States.  Ananya follow in her father’s footsteps and start career in the entertainment industry. She engaged in acting classes and trained diligently to hone her talents in preparation for the trials that were ahead.

Age and Height of  Ananya Pandey

Ananya Pandey is 25 years old. Her young enthusiasm and exuberance shine through in her performances. Her height is 170 cm

Family Background

Ananya Pandey comes from a well known Bollywood family. Her father Chunky Pandey has been a significant figure in the profession and recognized for his comic timing and unforgettable performances. Her mother Bhavna Pandey has been a steady source of encouragement throughout Ananya’s struggle.

Ananya is also the granddaughter of Sharad Pandey a well known performer from the past. Chikki Panday her paternal uncle has also worked in the film industry. With such a pedigree Ananya Pandey continues on her family’s tradition while still establishing her own imprint.


The personal life of Ananya Pandey has gotten a lot of attention from her audience and the media. While she prefers to keep her sexual connections private. She has not formally disclosed any connection as of yet.


In 2019 Ananya Pandey made her Bollywood debut in the film Student of the Year 2 directed by Punit Malhotra. Her portrayal of the character Shreya was critically praised and she demonstrating her innate acting talent. She appeared alongside other rookies Tara Sutaria and Tiger Shroff in this coming of age love drama.

Following her spectacular debut, Ananya appeared in the 2019 comedy film Pati Patni Aur Woh as Tapasya Singh. Her portrayal of a modern day assertive woman received positive feedback and proving her versatility as an actress. Ananya Pandey appeared in Khaali Peeli a crime action film directed by Maqbool Khan in 2020. She produced a powerful performance as Pooja Gujjar and demonstrating her ability to handle tough roles with ease. Although the film got mixed reviews but Ananya’s performance was warmly praised.

Future Projects

Ananya Pandey’s talent have helped her  to establish in the film industry. Ananya will co star with Deepika Padukone and Siddhant Chaturvedi in Shakun Batra’s untitled film. The film is billed as a romantic drama and it promises to display Ananya’s versatility once more.

Acting Skills

Ananya Pandey has proved her flexibility by taking on a variety of roles and variety of characters. She has demonstrated her versatility and natural aptitude by portraying a joyful college student to a confident modern woman. Her expressive eyes and vivacious personality have made her a popular choice for both directors and spectators.


Ananya Pandey has created a name for herself as a social media influencer in addition to her acting abilities. She uses her power to communicate with her fans and promote various products through channels such as Instagram. Her fashion choices and style statements have been greatly praised and making her a youth trendsetter.

Last Line

The Bollywood career of Ananya Pandey is amazing. She has demonstrated enormous aptitude and potential throughout her career from her early ambitions to her stunning debut and following ventures. She grows as an actress with each performance, and reating a lasting effect on the audience. We eagerly anticipate the magic she will bring to the silver screen as the future holds more interesting projects for this emerging star.

Ananya Pandey : Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family and Movies

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