Decoding Orry Awatramani's Dough: The Social Media Star's Unconventional Earnings

Decoding Orry Awatramani’s Dough: The Social Media Star’s Unconventional Earnings

There are many question among people Who is Orry and What does he do for living. Let Know the mysterious life of Orry.

Who is Orry Awatramani

Orhan Awatramani  aka Orry is a social media influencer. He is popular for his connection with Bollywood celebrities. People use to called him “Bollywood’s BFF” because of his frequent photo with Bollywood star and kids. 

Orry’s Family

Orry Awatramani belongs from a rich family, his father Suraj Kundanlal Awatramani is businessman. His father has multiple business including liquor, hotels, Real estate etc…..His mother Shahnaz Awatramani works in Ministry of Corporate Affairs. . Orry has a brother named Kabir Awatramani. In an interview, Kiara Advani said that Kabir was her classmate and orry was her junior in Cathedral and John Cannon School.

Decoding Orry's Dough: The Social Media Star's Unconventional Earnings

Professional Life

As per his Linkedln profile he is a Special Project Manager at Reliance Industries. He hold Bechelor’s degree in Fine Arts and communication from New York’s Parsons School of Design. In an interview he said that he is not a 9-5 job, he works for himself. People are excited to know about his earning and what he is doing by profession. Here are some orry’s money making methods:-

  • Event Appearance.              Orry Awatramani is paid for attending high profile events. He might be collaborated with some event organizer. His earned 15-30 Lakhs for simply attend an event and post them on social media. During event he is famous for his signature pose – hand on hip and confidence radiating like a power cord.
Orhan Awatramani AKA Orry
  • Brand Endorsement            In social media his a casual picture of orry Awatramani gets vital because of his high profile connections. Orry Awatramani might be associated with some brand for brand endorsement.

Orry with Bollywood Celebrities

Orry Awatramani is close friend of many bollywood celebrities. Orry is spotted in many bollywood parties with bollywood celebrities including Jahnavi Kapoor and sister, Suhana Khan, Sara Ali Khan, Nysa Devgan and many more. Not only in bollywood he was also seen with Hollywood celebrities. Orry is classmate of Sara Ali Khan and both are graduated together from New York’s Parsons School of Design. There are a rumored that Orry is dating with Janhvi Kapoor. Orry Awatramani is also close friend of Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nysa Devgan. He has 1.1 Million followers and 585 post on Instagram

Jahnavi Kapoor and Nysa Devgan's friend Orry

Decoding Orry’s Dough: The Social Media Star’s Unconventional Earnings

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