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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A screenplay is the blueprint of the visuals that play out on screen. It is written in a format which helps its reader visualize exactly how every moment will play out.  Click here to know more.

    The 3 act structure in context toa story or screenplay can be broadly described as Setup, Conflict and Resolution. Click here to know more.

    Yes, there are tons of great products in the market but these are the 3 I have used and would recommend – Click here to know more.

    There are five important elements in a screenplay namely, Scene Headings, Action, Dialogue, Paranthesis and Transitions. Click here to know more.

    A logline is one or two sentences that describe your story. A good logline defines the central dramatic narrative of the story in an apt yet concise manner. Click here to know more.

    The step outline is a script without dialogues. It captures all the important story beats and plot movements.

    The treatment of your story is everything a producer needs to know to understand how the audio-visuals will be.

    Click here to know more.