About Me

Hey, I’m Antareep Boraz,

About a decade ago, I was an aimless schoolboy who came across a concept called Suspension of Disbelief. It means that an audience believes in fictional characters and events playing out in a book or a movie. We experience fiction like we experience reality. We buy into any story if it’s told well enough. Isn’t it a powerful concept? I certainly thought so and thus began my journey to understand it better.
Today, I am a certified screenwriter who cooks up stories for a living. Through my journey, I have learned a thing or two about why we are bound to be suspended in disbelief every time we come across a great story. Through Filmy Stories, I share my understanding and opinions about how great stories are told and how great storytelling impacts our daily lives
So much about me! Let’s find out what you can and can’t find here at Filmy Stories.

What you will find here on Filmy Stories

  • Detailed screenplay reviews and analysis of films.
  • Understand the craft of screenwriting and storytelling.
  • Analysis of how storytelling impacts our life.
  • Patterns that we find in the works of master storytellers.
  • First draft, trial and error experiments and analysis by me to encourage budding writers in you.

What you won't find here on Filmy Stories

  • Reviews of any other aspects of cinema like Acting, Direction, Cinematography or Music. For such reviews, click here.
  • Negative reviews of substandard movies or money-minting franchises.
  • Analysis of cult classics popular for elements other than a powerful story.
  • Anything not inclined to the art and craft of storytelling.