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Hey, I’m Antareep,

About a decade ago, I was an aimless schoolboy who came across a concept called Suspension of Disbelief. It means that an audience believes in fictional characters and events playing out in a book or a movie. We experience fiction like we experience reality. We buy into any story if it’s told well enough. Isn’t it a powerful concept? I certainly thought so and thus began my journey to understand it better.
Today, I am a certified screenwriter who cooks up stories for a living. Through my journey, I have learned a thing or two about why we are bound to be suspended in disbelief every time we come across a great story. Through this blog, I share my understanding and opinions about how great stories are told and how great storytelling impacts our daily lives.

What you will find here -

What you won't find here -

  • Detailed reviews of movie screenplays and ratings.
  • Understand the craft of screenwriting and storytelling.
  • Analysis of how storytelling impacts our life.
  • Patterns that we find in the works of master storytellers.
  • First draft, trial and error experiments and analysis by me to encourage budding writers in you.
  • Reviews of any other aspects of cinema like Acting, Direction, Cinematography or Music.
  • Negative reviews of substandard movies or money-minting franchises.
  • Analysis of cult classics popular for elements other than a powerful story.
  • Anything not inclined to the art and craft of storytelling.

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